Celebrating Small Kindnesses – Interfaith Week 2013


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As part of ‘Inter Faith Week’, The Zawiya, Amina Trust and IPCI have come together to host an event called ‘Celebrating Small Kindnesses’, which is to be held in the Rex Centre, 430 Coventry Road, on Wednesday 20th November 2013 at 7.00pm.

Our aim is to celebrate, through poetry and song, those small acts of kindness, that to many, may seem insignificant. There are those, however, who appreciate how such actions can have subtle, profound and far reaching consequences.

We are looking for short poems, that express the power of small kindnesses; to touch and transform the soul or which offer a means to resolve conflict, overcome division and to relieve the scourge of loneliness, that afflicts so many in our society.

If you have a short poem or a poet that you would like to recommend, we would be delighted to hear from you. Text or call Nasaar on 07986694637 or email lalanasaar@hotmail.com

There will also be a short discussion, open to the audience, about what can help us to care more about performing acts of small kindnesses, to those who are of a different faith or culture to ourselves.