The Flight of the Soul

This introductory series gives expression to a range of Sufi contributions to meditation, spiritual wisdom, poetry, calligraphy, song and drama inspired by the love of God. When man searches for that which is greater than himself, his eyes rise to the sky to what is above and beyond. When the soul tastes freedom it is like a bird that begins to flap its wings, every move.

This is a series of four events we have prepared, The Flight of the Soul.

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The Most Beautiful Names

Arabic calligraphy is renowned for the beauty of its form, depth and subtlety of meaning. This event explores the power and beauty of Arabic calligraphy from multiple perspectives. There is a particular focus on the beautiful names of God that have inspired calligraphers over the last millennium.

There is a short lecture that explains the connection between form and meaning with some famous calligraphic works. This is followed by a presentation of ‘pictorial’ calligraphy by Abdul Samad Zam Zami, director of the “Hubb Gallery” in Birmingham. He will be talking about his work and exploring that of other calligraphers.

If you have never tried Arabic calligraphy before, now is your chance. Abdul Samad will help you to have a go.

Calligraphy is both a delight for the eye and ear. To conclude the evening, the Jamal Singers will perform a series of songs themed on the beautiful names of God. The Jamal Singers have performed in Morocco, Italy and on the BBC2 programme, The Retreat.

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The film “Circles of Remembrance” is a beautifully produced and thought provoking exploration of the different ways we remember the Eternal. The Director Shems Fried-Lander takes the viewer to Turkey, Sudan and Morocco. We see whirling dervishes of Konya.

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This event presents a series of clips from the film followed by discussion and a short practical demonstration of a traditional circle of Sufi meditation invocation. There is then a short session of traditional Sufi singing performed by some of the singers that have appeared on the BBC2 program, The Retreat.

The Flight of the Soul is a four part series. Other events in this series are:

  • Poetry readings from the great Sufi poets – including Rumi, Al Attas,
  • Live concert ‘For the Love of Laila’ – an allegory of spiritual love illustrated by the traditional Sufi singing of  the Jamal Singers

This series is brought to you by the The Zawiya and Amina Trust, a Birmingham based educational charity that has been involved in a number of national and international Sufi events and programmes, including the BBC 2 programme, The Retreat.

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